Our Story

Toronto is Canada’s largest municipality with a population of ~2.8 million. Whether you live in the 6ix or are simply passing by, you quickly realize its not the number of people that make the city but it’s the type of people and how they all come together in unity.  Toronto’s citizens come from all walks of life sharing their culture, traditions, and foods, forming a beautiful mosaic like no other. Being exposed to this livelihood is engrained in who we are as individuals and "Toronto" becomes less of a name but a lifestyle that has been bestowed on you to share with the world. 

Toronto and all its advocates are the basis of everything we do. The IVIVI brand logo is roman numerals for Toronto’s original area code 416. We procure all our goods and services domestically to the best of our ability in order to prioritize supporting talented local businesses. The origin of each product will be listed in the description. Toronto's strength comes from its communities and IVIVI Toronto is committed to donating a portion of proceeds of each sale to local charities which have an impact in our neighbourhoods.

IVIVI Lifestyle Company Inc.’s mission is to create high-quality lifestyle goods that embody the heart and soul of Toronto for the empowerment of our consumers.